How to get us to sponsor your conference

April 27, 2010

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We get called about 10-20 times a week from various shows who want us to sponsor them, buy a booth or otherwise do what is considered by all accounts an ad-spend.  Great - we're always up for hearing about ways to improve our business and those of our customers'...and we're willing to invest in success. In fact, the way we have success is to have real dialogue with our customers and those that influence customers.  

Real dialogue rarely happens at a booth, sometimes happens at a dinner or networking event, but mostly happens at a session.  For instance, we give a well-received presentation on 'the Dangers of Corporate Social Responsibility and the Green Fallout.  In these discussions, the audience is always engaged and we leave them with actionable, useful things they can take with them.  

After we speak we always have great, meaningful dialogue with smart, interested people trying to move the needle in their organization.  That dialogue is what we want out of a conference. The problem is, most every call we take about 'working together' on an event with someone, the pitch we get will neither improve our business nor that of our customers.  Here's how you can be successful if you're looking to work with us on an event. -----

  1. If you really love our company and our story - then invite us to speak, and share what we've learned from the trenches of being in this business.  Note - attendees usually find it much more credible coming from a company who's done it, rather than a consultant who tells companies how to do it.
  2. Understand who our customers's a little hint, don't insult them by calling them "green people"...this isn't a Dr. Suess book, it's a competitive world where a billion dollars of offgassing plastic binders and jewel cases end up in landfills each year because ReBinder didn't win that business...yet.  Help us sell and you will help yourself sell.
  3. Your actions begin aligning with your words...if you're hosting a 'green' event, act like it (btw, that means your organizing group probably would have called us about using some of our products before you asked us to give you money).
  4. Booth space is not a place for real conversations.  It's a place for 30 second introductions.  Also, it should clear that the booth, travel, opportunity cost all can clearly be paid for from revenue that is a direct result of attending/sponsoring the show.  If it's really a no-brainer for me, then it should be a no-brainer for you to help us cover.  If it's not, then...

BTW, you should take a look at how your customers have evolved their marketing spend.  If a growing percentage of that spend is moving online, it's not because they like technology - it's because the model works better the marketer.  CPC and (better) CPA are the new spend and getting nearly all of our marketing budget.  We're not alone. Chances are that we your intentions of the show and we'd like to help...but it has to make sense for your attendees, you and us.

Welcome your thoughts.

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