Label Look Up & GoodGuide-Taking the Confusion Out of Labeling

April 29, 2010 1 min read

label look-up app

We have written before on how confusing labels can be to the every day shopper. There's no regulation use or misuse of the words "green", "sustainable", "eco", "earth-friendly" ... and the list goes on. Or how about third party labels and certifications (FSC Certified, GMO Free, Fair-Trade, Bird Safe)? Two free apps now available through iTunes can help you navigate through the confusion. Label Look Up (backed by the reputable group - NRDC) covers everything from food to cleaning products and personal care. While other apps like GoodGuide make it easy for shoppers to scan product bar codes and access a database of information about how environmentally friendly or healthy a product is; because you can't believe everything your read!

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