The recycle symbol is useless

September 02, 2010

anti-recycle symbol

When we attend industry events, it is always shocking to see how some companies and products use the traditional recycle symbol in marketing.  There are times we've seen this logo applied to a non 'green binder', where it points out that some tiny percent of the chipboard used as the skeleton inside the toxic vinyl is recycled.  The new 'green binder' now has a higher price and is marketed by the manufacturer as part of their green line. Horse manure. This logo has no oversight and has thus become saturated.  

Don't trust it.  When we see the logo, it makes us more skeptical than trusting. The real measure of responsibility is the product it self.  Take a few minutes to read the label.  If it's not obvious that the product is made from responsible materials and won't end up in a landfill, then you, as a consumer, shouldn't put much faith in the logo. Some companies think consumers aren't smart enough to do their own research.  We disagree.  Our customers hold us to account every day, and we thank them for it. Here's is the standard our customers expect from our products:

Anyone else stepping up to this plate, we commend you.

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