eBay testing reusable shipping boxes

September 21, 2010

ebay green packaging

Every year, eBay holds an internal competition amongst employess to see who can come up with some breakthrough ideas. The winner this year was the "simple green box". While eBay doesn't actually ship anything themselves, they have millions of buyers and sellers in their network that use vast quantities of packing materials. eBay's concept is that a strong, reusable box made from recycled materials would significantly reduce the footprint of these packaging materials.

The boxes themselves are made from 100% recycled materials, and most importantly, FSC-certified corrugated cardboard, so you know it comes from responsibly-managed forests and verified recycle sources. In terms of the design, eBay has done a great job of making the boxes look special and making the act of reusing them seem fun.

Each box will have a history tracking its journey over time, so you can better picture the miles your particular box has logged. Only 100,000 are being printed for the initial test, in three sizes. We hope this eBay program is something that catches on!

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