Half of UK consumers aren aware that their wood-based purchases could be illegal

September 27, 2010 1 min read

In a recent survey conducted on behalf of WWF-UK, 1053 UK consumers were asked whether they believed that by purchasing wood and paper products in the UK, they were doing so through a legal source. Half of those consumers said yes.

unsustainable forestry

The reality is that the UK is the fourth largest importer of illegally harvested or traded timber and wood products. The USA is also high on that list, although numbers are decreasing thanks to recent legislation banning the import of illegal wood. Still, consumers around the world can today be supporting illegal forest harvesting without realizing it. Another great example of how your dollar spent drives production of products, however they're produced. What can be done?

The solution is as simple as choosing the products we purchase more carefully. WWF-UK recommends only purchasing wood and paper products that carry the FSC logo. This logo tells you that the item in question has been sourced from verifiably well-managed forests in keeping with high environmental and social standards. ReBinder's chipboard office products proudly bare the FSC-certified logo. When you choose ReBinder, you can rest easy knowing that the wood comes from verified recycled sources, is environmentally and socially responsible, and is legally sourced.

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