Colleges compete to reduce waste in the Game Day Challenge

October 14, 2010



The EPA is sponsoring a friendly competition amongst U.S. colleges and universities to try to reduce the waste produced at football games. Any school can sign up. Once in the program, they need to track how much waste is produced at games as a function of attendance. One game will be designated as their Game Day Challenge -- the big day to raise awareness about waste produced.

Five awards will be issued to the various institutions ranging from the lowest waste produced per capita, largest decrease in greenhouse reductions, or the largest increase in recycling rates. 82 schools are already signed up to participate, including highly ranked Ohio State and the University of Michigan who has the largest capacity stadium in the United States.

The program has already led to some fantastic results, including Ohio State requiring all homecoming floats to be constructed from reclaimed materials, and the University of Colorado converting all of their food and beverage containers to recyclable or compostable materials. Learn more about the EPA College Game Day Challenge

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