How to Recycle your ReBinder Cover

October 18, 2010 1 min read

Changing your ReBinder cover is a very straightforward process that anyone can achieve. First, place your ReBinder on a flat surface, and open it so it is laying flat. Start by using a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the two screws on the interior of the binder. For round ring binders, these will be located on the interior spine. For D-ring binders, these will be just to the right of the interior spine. Remove the screws and set aside the metal ring strip. On the outer spine or binder's back, make sure you remove the two t-nuts as well.

Your old ReBinder cover can now be recycled in any recycling bin that accepts cardboard. To affix your replacement binder covers, press the t-nuts into the two pre-cut locations on the outer side of the binder. Again, for a round ring binder, this will be on the binder's exterior spine. For a D-ring binder, this will be on the back of the binder just along the spine's edge. Ensuring they stay in place, put the binder down, interior side up, on a flat surface. Position the ring strip over the t-nuts and insert the screws. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, screw them in securely.

Congratulations! You are done replacing and recycling your ReBinder cover, and kept all of your materials out of landfills in doing so.

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