Organization gifts and other DIY gift ideas from ReBinder

December 09, 2010 3 min read

Okay, we grant that giving office products isn't always the greatest gift idea. Done improperly, giving the "gift of organization" can be about as impersonal as giving somebody a blender. But ReBinder products are so naturally beautiful and such a great blank canvas, that with a little DIY elbow grease, they can be transformed into a thoughtful, inspirational gift. Some of our top ideas:

peekaboo custom cd sleeves

#1 - Photography CD 

Gather a number of photos of memories you have shared with that person over the course of the year. Burn them all to a CD using whatever photo software you prefer. Take the CD and store it in our stunning RePlay disc case. Now comes the fun part - decorate the case! Use our CD labels to decorate the CD itself with a design printed from your computer or drawn from hand. Cut out a sheet of colorful holiday paper, write a holiday greeting, and stash it in the 2nd pouch. Use our RePlay labels to decorate the cover with a colorful graphic printed from your computer, or just decorate it yourself with stamps and pens. The possibilities are endless!

custom printed cd sleeve

#2 - The Mix Tape 

Who doesn't like a choice sampling of songs? Pick a theme appropriate for the giftee in question and burn some choice tunes for your loved ones. Place the CD into the ReSleeve recycled CD sleeve which comes in both view hole and solidvarieties. Again, decorate! The ReSleeve is a beautiful blank canvas. Put some fun and creativity into completing the theme of your musical montage. If you want to print out digital art, use our perfectly sized adhesive labels. Consider some clever cover art for the front and a track listing on the back.

recycled notebooks

#3 - The Personalized Sketchbook


If the person you are gifting for is artistically inclined, or loves to write, no gift will be more appreciated than a blank book. For the creatively-inclined, blank books bubble over with possibilities. Our ReWrite recycled notebooks are good for gifting and for the environment. They come in blank, lined, and graph paper, but we recommend the blank variety for gifting purposes. Pick up the 5" x 8" mini if they love jotting on the go, or the traditional 8"x10" size for more focused creative pursuits. Decorate and dedicate the notebooks with your own personal touch. Again, our adhesive labels make it easy to print a gorgeous design and add instant energy to any ReWrite. Or find a beautiful paper at a local paper store and cover the notebook with it. Stamped, painted, or printed on, the ReWrite will make an instant impression.

recycled binders with custom wrap 

#4 - The Memory Keeper

Is there somebody in your life who is a collector, or an aficionado of some sort? Whether it's stamps, ticket stubs, beer caps, or coins, a personalized ReBinder is a great way to help organize a collection or a set of memories. The ReBinder is our signature recycled binder, made from responsibly-sourced materials and a completely zero waste item. To organize your binder's contents, RePouch recycled binder pockets are a convenient way to organize and store your memories and memorabilia. Similar labels and decorative options are available for the ReBinder as mentioned up above, or cover your binders in a nice fabric, as shown in the picture. If you have any more ideas of what great gifts can be made with ReBinder products, let us know!

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