Our Official Statement on Seventh Generation new CEO: We likey.

February 10, 2011

seventh gen diapers
Congrats to Seventh Generation, the maker of awesome cleaning products and new CEO John Replogle (former CEO at Burt's Bees). We at ReBinder look forward to seeing their products on more shelves, giving even more people the chance to make the choice to buy responsible, as opposed to the often-toxic alternatives.


On the facebook comment thread about the announcement, many people are concerned this somehow is a signal that Seventh Generation is less responsible. Some posters say things like, "losing independence", and "selling out".  We disagree.


If you want to hold Seventh Generation (or any brand for that matter, including ReBinder) to account, do so by making sure their products remain authentic and meet your standards for responsibility.  If they do, you should want their products on every shelf possible.


Congrats again to the team at Seventh Generation. We see their continued growth as a positive evolution for all makers of responsible products.



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