The Innovation of Greenwashing @expowest

March 14, 2011

cardboard bottle innovative packaging

Some of our team just got back from #ExpoWest. Overall impressions were mixed. The good news, there is still innovation building responsible products out there. The bad news, there is equal innovation in greenwashing...making it more challenging for the authentic to prevail through the noise. Winners - We loved the Seventh Generation new kraft cardboard packaging and look. It delivered their authentic message on point and above the noise. Everyone else seemed to show a picture of a forest, leaf or dirt - and use the word green...and their messages got mumbled together. #RUSerious?! - One rep at a booth told us his 'biodegradable' plastic stuff 'went away' after being put in a landfill.

We asked if it composted or biodegraded...he said it just disappeared. A) there's a difference between biodegrading and composting, B) things don't compost in landfills, not even newspapers, C) train your reps. Lastly - we saw a bunch of folks selling their (positioned as) natural/responsible products using vinyl/plastic sales materials. If you're one of these folks, take a look at our line of zero waste office and promotional products. We'd love to help you out next time you want to break through the noise...and it shouldn't cost you any more.

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