Brown is the Real Green

May 26, 2011

post consumer materials for recycled office products

Besides the obvious ‘do you make this in plastic’ question that we occasionally field, the second most peculiar question we are asked is if we can ‘cover up the brown kraft’ and flood it with color or wrap it....and yes sometimes, we are asked if we can wrap it in plastic or vinyl. So the short answer to these questions is - we make zero waste office products that do not end up in a landfill at the end of their useful life...period. It’s very simply language and provides zero gray area that would allow us to cut corners in terms of ReBinder’s core values and guiding principals.

So that’s that - landfill bad. ReBinder No Landfill Required. The next part of discussion usually focuses on why a buyer or user would want brown. We tell customers if green and sustainable office products are what you seek, then naturally you should want it brown kraft. The fact is that ReBinder products are not simply a recycled binder, CD case, recycled notebook, index tab divider, or a pocket folder. They are your responsible message, billboard, corporate social responsibility (CSR) statement, and values.....and no other color speaks to these better then a natural brown kraft.

Anything but brown kraft is dyed, wrapped, or otherwise altered or taken out of it’s original form which at best doesn’t highlight them as a sustainable or responsible product, but usually when referred to as green or recycled, is greenwashing. So in summary, ReBinder is brown kraft. Brown is the Real Green. Lastly, and completely off topic and with no relevance, we like headstands, pugs, and flip-flops.

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