Guilt and Hypocrisy in the Green Movement

August 10, 2011

hypocrisy in the green movement

Guilt is not sustainable...not as a marketing technique, a state of being or a political platform. In the early days of environmental awareness and corporate responsibility there were leaders. These were folks with vision and the voice to be heard. While we cannot speak to the integrity of their motives, we can acknowledge them for creating awareness and demand for evolving practice and policy. Truth be told, much of their message was based on guilt, fear and the fostering of resentment.While a useful means to get attention, it's not a sustainable method. In addition, their message hasn't evolved much and is now seeing a backlash from the very people it was meant to sway. As consumers, capitalists and patriots, it's difficult to watch some of these evangelists tout shortsighted policy and positioning while their own actions are in direct contradiction.

Regardless of your (or our) position on their policy ideas, the hypocrisy of someone grandstanding about societal communes and redistribution of wealth heading home to their book contract and penthouse in Manhattan, knocking down or ignoring the homeless woman on the street asking for help is not welcome here at ReBinder. Regardless of your policy ideas or where you sleep at night, hypocrisy sucks. Grow up, be authentic and talk about that on a grandstand...more people will listen. With freedom of speech comes the freedom to listen (or not). When you see environmental blame, claims and recommendations, question them.

Do not fall victim to emotional calls for action without first checking the foundation from which that claim was made. Here at ReBinder, we stay away from blame, guilt and hypocrisy in our messaging and lives. We know that every recycled binder we sell keeps a vinyl binder out of a landfill and that's worth waking up to in the morning. So, to that end, here's a 10% discount to anyone who's bothered to read this far.

Onward, folks!

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