green washington 2011


Wow. That was fun. A few nights ago, we attended the Seattle Business Magazine Green 50 Awards event. ReBinder had been nominated in the Reuse category and made the top 50. Wednesday, Sept 21st was the event where they chose a winner in each category. One thing that stood out to us was how each company nominated was not a green business, they were simply a business who's value return for their customers increased because of how they made products and provided services. We were honored to have won the category, but it's worth noting the other finalist is the badass Alchemy Goods. They make coveted bags and wallets from bicycle inner tubes. Check it.

messenger bag from alchemy goods

It was a fun evening. We were pleased to see these awards and the companies attending were legit. The show was entertaining, with the MC being Editor of Seattle Business Mag, Leslie Helm. Also - a big shout out to Mary Slaughter and team from Pacific Market International. She and her colleagues were gracious, smart, funny and excellent table mates. High-fives around.

 winners of green washington

Here's the summary of the article and show. Thanks @SeattleBusiness and the judges. As the only real business magazine in our city, these guys do a good job of making solid content and highlighting local businesses. Oh yeah, try and fly Alaska Airlines on a Boeing plane. They are breaking all sorts of barriers to evolve the airline industry. It will be good when this event isn't needed any more.  Until then, help keep plastic and vinyl out of landfills by buying some of our cardboard cd sleeves and recycled two pocket folders!