Best Keith Price T-Shirt Ever


keith price t-shirt

Ok. Fine. We admit it. A few of us are University of Washington Husky Fans.  This came across our email the other day and we had to share it. Who knows how this season will turn out, but at the time of writing this, the Dawgs are  4-1 after having just beaten a good Utah team on the road.  Keith Price played with two sprained knees, a sprained ankle and a big smile.  Love that dude.  So a few of us are buying this amazing Keith Price T-Shirt.  We believe it to be the best t-shirt for Keith Price available right now.  

The Husky shop needs to get on the stick and pick these bad boys up.  It's not a Jersey, but oh well. Good to note the company who makes this shirt and other comfortable, captivating T-Shirts is Tuxiz.  It was co-founded by a former UW and professional baseball player Ben Johnson. Good to see a fellow Dawg and Seattlite throw his hat into the entrepreneurial ring. Go get em.

So - go buy his sweet shirt, support Keith Price and the Dawgs.  You'll need a paypal account, or they'll need to grow up and add a real checkout at some point ;-). fyi - this post has nada to do with our line of recycled office products and cardboard cd sleeves...but why not share the love.