Same Price

April 30, 2012 1 min read

We like spreadsheets.  We like that choices are made because of them.  Internally we use spreadsheets to make our own choices.  When anyone is buying a product, be it a Fortune 500 company, family or individual, the budgeting spreadsheet matters. 

If you haven't heard of the 'green premium', you've seen it in practice.  It is a practice by manufacturers and their distribution channels who believe only certain, gullible people are interested in responsible products.  It assumes those people either don't understand spreadsheets, or don't value them compared to other factors.  This approach is limiting, short-sighted nonsense, consistent with the treatment of a fad market.  Worse, this practice trains consumers that products aligned with their values cost more.  It guarantees failure in the mass market.

We believe American consumers will choose products aligned with their values when all other things are equal, including price.

Trying to gouge and alienate consumers is poor strategy, as is using guilt and fear tactics to sell a product.  Every Guided Product undergoes exhaustive market research to ensure it is priced at or below similar-functioning traditional products on the same shelf and delivers comparable margins to the distribution channels.

Good for your pocketbook, good for our country.  Getty' up!!

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