American Made

Here at Guided Products, everything we do is American Made.  We are patriots.

Open market systems do not discriminate based on ethics or intentions - that is the role of the consumer.  We believe in the consumer more than watchdog groups or regulation.

We are intimate with the unique spirit of industry and entrepreneurship in this country.  That spirit still continues to have more vigor and passion here (in the USA) than in any other place in the world.

There was a time when you would walk the isles of retail stores and find the leading products were all made in the USA.  However, since then many of those American brands took advantage of arbitrage opportunities and moved production overseas.  The result being the majority of consumer products are made overseas, often with disregard for that product's end of life (the American landfill).

Today, each consumer product category is dominated by a few players, often the same set of players from category to category.  Because of the dynamics of supporting sales on a retail shelf (rebates, slotting fees, merchandising, margin waterfalls), the same players have held court for decades, with little innovation.

It's time for an American Made brand to exist that has American Made Values and spans categories.  So a consumer knows, regardless of the product they seek, that it was made here, with the product's entire lifecycle in mind and available on the same shelf, at the same price.

To quote one of our favorite commercials, "it's halftime in America".