Here is to the boldest customers on the block

October 03, 2012

Hello loyal customers, we wanted to take a moment to talk about you today, and talk about one of the things we like best about you. We think you're bold and ground-breaking, let us explain. Doing things differently is a big part of the American way, and we're kind of fans of the American way. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the other early Americans wouldn't be such a big deal if they had only done something that had been done many times before. They were standing behind their values and putting everything on the line.

You, our customers, are like them in that regard. We don't think you buy a Guided Product just because it's the most convenient and simple option every time. That's only part of the equation. You also choose Guided Products because you can see the shared values, accountable materials and American manufacturing that's inspiring us over here in Seattle.

While you're not helping settlers establish new homes in the wilderness like Daniel Boone or hopping in a plane to break aviation records like Amelia Earhart, don't forget you're pushing the boundaries a little bit too, just by ordering your presentation and office goodies from us. In a sea of homogenous products, you're the ones picking the binder that isn't white or black. You're the one standing up for something new and different when someone says a white binder is the only one that will work for the project.

primary colors on cardboard

Picking brown kraft is a bold choice. You're picking the natural color because it gives you a blank canvas to share your message, and makes an unmistakeable statement. Your choice to be a little different is a bold one, because it's always easier to be like everyone else. The fearless warriors of the board-room, the library and the studio are striking again. We see you. Whether you're distributing your photos to clients, picking up the binders for a board meeting or gathering some recycled journals for taking notes, you're picking products that stand out.

You're well on the way to making a statement, and our hats are off to you. We hope you're feeling ready to do something really expressive with your next project, because you have us feeling all artistic. We're over here posting pictures of statues and colors. Stay bold friends!

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