Customer Profile - Sarah Jenks

September 26, 2013 1 min read

"Sarah embodies a spirit of intense dedication and generosity - a woman who is the epitome of a sexy wife.  Best friend and self-care maven" - Nisha Moodley. Some pretty awesome things to be said about you - we tend to agree.

sarah jenks

Sarah Jenks helps women create gorgeous, fun and romantic lives so they can be their ideal weight.  

Sarah is also the founder of Live More Weigh Less. Sarah and team came to Guided to get some of our ReWrite recycled notebooks custom printed for their upcoming Life Free Retreat in Sonoma.  The weekend retreat is for 70 women, dedicated to living the good life and creating the lifestyle, body and success they have always wanted.



live free custom printed notebooks

We think Sarah, the event and these journals go together like motherhood and apple pie. Good for the mind, body, soul and planet.  Thanks Sarah and team!

Create your own custom printed notebooks.

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