YES to GMO Labels

October 22, 2013

baby eating GMO food

There are arguments on both side of the fence for GMO labeling. Here at Guided, we are firmly on the side of YES.  Of course we are in favor of knowing what the heck we're feeding our kids. As Guided is based in Seattle, Washington, we are currently in the midst of a GMO labeling vote. Along with that agenda, Washington state has filed a lawsuit against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) who allegedly raised and spent more than $7 million trying to squash the labeling effort.

The lawsuit claims Pepsico, Coca-cola, Nestle USA, General Mills and others have contributed to the fund. All the while Monsanto has publicly donated more than $17 million in the effort to stop Washington from labeling GMOs. And just last year they shelled out over 46 million to help defeat Prop 37 in California. As for what people are thinking, The New York Times conducted a poll this summer where a whopping 93% wanted GMOs labelled. We can only hope the GMO labeling ball starts rolling here in Washington, and spreads all over the country (fingers crossed!).

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