Fang-tastic Treats

This time of year brings out the little ghouls and goblins. Along with metric tons of sugary treats. Parents, we try to tame the inevitable sugar comas-- while also sneaking pieces for ourselves. Admit it, we know you nabbed that almond joy. Your kid hates coconut anyways. You did them a favor! ;) Now it's time for healthy halloween candy! Do yourself a favor  and explore these alternatives for Halloween candies that are just as delicious.


peanut butter cups

Peanut butter cups are delicious, plain and simple. Something about the pairing just tantalizes tastebuds. If your kids (and you) love them check out the Unreal’s Peanut Butter Cups! Featuring everything from sustainable palm oil, grass-fed dairy, and no artificial ingredients/corn syrup/preservatives/GMOS. 

sour worms

Puckering tartness of sour gummy worms are a perfect fit for Halloween time. As a kid it’s fun pretending they are real to gross out your friends. Surf Sweets’ sour worms are made from organic fruit juices for that burst of fresh fruit flavor.

bug bites

Sometimes you just need to savor a piece of chocolate to hit that sweet tooth. Organic Milk Chocolate Bug Bites are bite sized pieces that also include an insect trading card. Chocolate and insect lovers unite!

While you tempt being teepeed for not handing out candy, you can toss in trinkets with the candy to mix it up.

poof slinky

Slinky. Classic toy that fascinates everyone--and best of all, American Made!

halloween recycled notebook

And last, not to toot our own horn, Guided’s custom printed recycled notebooks are a great small treat to hand out. Stamp a Halloween image on the front or leave it blank for the kids to doodle to their hearts’ content.