To Shrink or Not to Shrink

guided's shrink wrapped recycled journals
Guided Products Shrink Wrapped Recycled Journals



Recently we received a question from one of our great customers regarding our ReWrite Recycled Notebooks.  Why use shrink wrap packaging? It's a question that we field every so often so we thought it would make sense to share in case others were looking for more information. Unedited questions and answer:

Q:  "Hi Guided Products, I love using your notebooks with my students in science and garden classes.  My students prefer them as well.  Thank you for making them from recycled and recyclable materials. I wish there was not so much plastic used to package the notebooks- it seems contrary to the reason I purchase them.  I would love to know if you are working on solutions that would improve this problem. Cheers,"

A:  "Thanks for being a customer and also thanks for the feedback. The short answer is that there are tradeoffs.  There certainly are alternatives to the shrink wrap but all of them would either reduce automation or fail to meet packaging (retail) requirements.  The result of these are both higher prices, less availability of our products in the marketplace.....and consequently more journals made overseas, from non-recycled materials being purchased and ending up in our US landfills.

We are constantly thinking about all of of our inputs (labor, materials, packaging, etc) and how we can make them better (economically and environmentally).  Until there is a better solution, the tradeoff with our journals is that our awesome customers will need see something less than awesome (shrink).  As a side note though, while the shrink is obviously not made form recycled materials, it still is recyclable though :-) Thanks again for the honest feedback."