Looking Good at Guided World Headquarters

You know what they say, copying is the best form of flattery.....

When we set out to design our next in the line of awesome Guided gear, we thought to combine (some might say hack) two of our favorites - anything American Original and being partial towards a little libation now and again.  Naturally we landed on Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.  I mean, come on - what's more American than a Bourbon.

Without any further ado, we present the Jack Daniel's inspired Guided Holiday Hoodies (of course, available in Red and Blue):

And of course an in action shot of me about to get to work one of our cylinder at Guided's factory.  All right, just modeling and yes I will stick with my day job.

I know the next question is where can I buy one of these beauties.  Unfortunately they are for Guided's peeps only.  However, our spring line of hoodies and tees is already in the design phase so stay tuned.