Playing Guided Santa at Seattle Childrens Hospital

David and Chase at Seattle Children's Hospital

As some of you who follow me socially @DavidStober and other, you may know that I have spent quite a bit of time at Seattle Children's Hospital with my youngest little girl Chase who is now 6.  Long story short, Seattle Children's basically saved her life....and we now spend regular time there with frequent appointments.  So we are forever in their debt.

That's why when I had the chance this holiday season to play Guided Santa it was so incredible.  While some might call it just the formal end of a different business we dipped our toe in at Guided, I liked to look at it as  a pretty sweet opportunity to give something an organization and for me personally since I am kind of the boss (who cares about the few meal and expense reimbursables I have, I get to decide where we give back to the community!!!! Whoo hoo!!!).

So anyway, in September we were sitting there with a bunch of unused, retail wrapped Made in USA and green toys, and other bigger kids items that I thought Children's would just loooooooove.

So with my trusted elf (Chase), I loaded up my sleigh (freight truck) with bags (pallets) of toys and made a trip to Children's to play not-so-secret Santa.

It was really a great experience and Chase could not stop talking about 'giving all the other kids toys' for weeks.

I absolutely love Seattle Children's so it was an incredible experience.  I / we are looking at playing a bigger and bigger part in our community in the years to come.

Happy Holidays to all - wishing all of Guided Nation an incredible 2015!


David & Chase