Go Crazy With The Blank Canvas of Guided's Recycled CD Cases

May 03, 2017 3 min read

Go Crazy With The Blank Canvas of Guided's Recycled CD Cases

Every day we work with creative people like Etsy sellers, musicians, and entrepreneurs. Our DIY CD covers ReSleeve and RePlay are the perfect canvas for makers, musicians, and other creative people.

If you need earth-friendly CD cases, we have options whether you are working on a personal passion project or building your business. Guided CD sleeves are made in the USA from 100% recycled materials. We source all our materials from within 100 miles. Sustainability is important to us and it is important to our clients. Best of all, our simply designed supplies allow your design to shine.

Guided Recycled CD CaseReSleeve Cardboard CD Sleeves offer a simply stylish blank canvas for your DIY art or custom screen printing.

We love to all the ways our customers use our CD sleeves. Individuals, entrepreneurs, and larger enterprises find their own unique ways to use ReSleeve and RePlay. We provide basic supplies and we also offer full-service screen printing and short-run digital printing services.

Ways To Customize A Guided DIY CD Cover

Many people prefer to leave Replay and ReSleeve plain. They love the simple, minimalist aesthetic. Others choose to get creative and express themselves.

  • Rubber stamps and die cut
  • Print on coordinating or contrasting labels
  • Draw or paint directly on the case
  • Embellish with stickers, twine, ribbons, or stitching

Your choices are limited only to your own imagination!

RePlay Recycled Chipboard CD CaseOur RePlay Cardboard CD Cases have double capacity for a two disc collection or a single disc with liner notes.

Popular Uses For ReSleeve and RePlay

Photographers and Graphic Designers

Hobbyist and professional photographers use our recycled CD cases to present their portfolio or photo collections to clients and friends. Some photographers opt for custom printing to feature their logo or a favorite image on the cover. Others choose our white or brown CD labels to print custom designs for each client.

Recycled brown cardboard sleeves fit perfectly with a crafty or DIY aesthetic.


For a more polished look, use printed CD labels. Custom printing pops against the simple light brown background.

Wedding and Party Planners

Brides, grooms and wedding planners create unique and fun wedding favors. Visual, Instagram loving couples curate a compilation of their favorite photographs on a DVD or CD. Audiophile couples may create a fun music “mix-CD” or playlist to commemorate the day.

Simple understated graphics and a little twine offer a charming homemade feel to this special party favor.

Since so many people love the look and sound of vinyl, some apply that look to their CD favors. Verbatim Vinyl CDs look like a small vinyl record. Couple enjoy using them along with our ReSleeve or Replay case to present their own homemade album.

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Our made-in-America and sustainably sourced sleeves are perfect for not-for-profit organizations. They use our Replay and ReSleeve cases for CD or DVD presentations, training materials, curated photograph collections, and fundraising materials. The RePlay CD cases contain two slots for two disks or for one disk plus liner notes.

The BraveLove Adoption Resource Kit with recycled CD case was a favorite of ours:

Brave Love Custom Printed Recycled CD Case

Indie Musicians

Musicians use our CD cases and ReSleeve Record Jackets to package their albums. Custom screen printing offers a modern-retro look that is both stylish and socially-conscious. We have you covered whether you record as a passion project to share with your friends or sell CDs at your gigs

Screen printed #recycled CD cases. #photog http://www.guidedproducts.com/collections/custom-cd-sleeves

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One of the best parts of our work is to see creative people take our sustainable packaging options and make them their own. We would love to see your designs. Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest and hashtag #GuidedMade or email us at info@guided.com to share.

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