Brown Kraft Labels (4" x 5")

Quantity Level Price @ Quantity Level
1 - 4 $ 2.00
5 - 9 $ 2.00
10 - 49 $ 1.50
50 - 99 $ 1.00
100 - + $ 0.50

Natural brown 4" x 5" adhesive labels work perfectly as binder, notebook or CD labels. They have the coloring and consistency of a brown paper grocery bag, and the natural brown kraft is designed to blend and match seamlessly with all Guided office supplies.

Die cut Guided Labels are sold by the sheet. Each 4" x 5" rectangular label sheet contains 4 quarter-sheet Brown Kraft labels.


  • Contents per sheet: 4 Guided labels
  • Label Size 4" W x 5" L
  • Thickness: 8 mils

Note: The 4" x 5" adhesive labels are 100% recyclable. However, unlike the rest of our product line, the kraft labels are not made from recycled materials. We are currently exploring options to create a permanent adhesive label that is green and laser printable. Using a 4" x 5" kraft label does not affect the recyclability of your Guided office supplies. Guided Labels do not adhere well to the cloth spine on the ReBinder Professional.


You can customize your 4" x 5" rectangular kraft labels using your own printer. Start by downloading the label template in Microsoft Word or Adobe Illustrator. Compatible with inkjet and laser printers, the natural brown kraft labels absorb ink better than ordinary white labels. There is no bleeding and the black ink is prominent against the natural brown hue.

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