Our Story


Guided is a fast growing, American consumer brand and provider of speciality print and packaging services.

Guided is a marketplace for discovery and unique creative. We manufacture and sell unique American made products and supplies, provide creative, packaging and print services and help others that do the same.

At Guided, your design is at the core of our business. We believe that everyone is entitled to unique products and creative - regardless of whether they are a Fortune 500 company, independent band releasing their first album or a mom starting a home-based photography business. Life is too short for ordinary.

We are patriots, capitalists, parents, sons and daughters, and stewards. We are craftsmen and women, technologists, brand specialists and manufacturing experts.  We love our country, community and customers.

Want to learn how we can help you and your brand?  Email us at info@guidedproducts.com or call 206.432.8020 if you'd like to talk to a human.