Custom Print and Packaging Services

 Design from napkin through production.

 Full service print production.

 Direct packaging and finishing services.

 Wherever you are in your growth curve.

Print and Packaging Made Easier For Entrepreneurs, Small Business and Creatives.

It starts with the people.

Guided’s custom packaging business was born out of Graphic Impressions 40 year history of delighting trade and direct customers through specialty print, packaging and marketing services.

We feel you.

We understand what it means to ship a small package item accross the country for a $50 eCommerce. We also know how it feels feels to ship containers and truck loads all over the country to the biggest retailers in the world. Both have unique sets of pain and both take unique skill sets and expertise.

Just like you we have fought the battle pushing our own products through eCommerce, big box and channel distribution. Now our focus is on you - extending our knowledge of growing brands to yours. While we do that primarily through print and packaging, we get that print and packaging itself is only one of the cogs in the machine. So that is the reason we like to start every discusion with the business problem you are trying to solve.

You can't fake experience.

We combine the Company’s 300+ man-years in packaging manufacturing with a deep understanding of product and retail distribution. What we do is simple - take ideas from concept to strategy, all the way through to production, finishing and packaging.

We are a blended team of creatives, technologists, direct to consumer and retail specialists, and craftsmen and women - all with an eye on what is really important, YOUR BRAND.

Facilities and equipment.

Our facilities and equipmet are only as good as the people running them.  With that said, we are in fact the real deal - we don't take your order and job it out to other partners as many marketplaces do.

We are 35,000 square feet of custom packaging manufacturing equipment. Our equipment includes wide-format, print, diecutting, high-speed automated folder gluers, letterpress machines, shrinkwrappers, lamination and tool making. If it's packaging related we have you covered.


Screen Printing

Nothing shows hand-crafted care like a professionally screen printed product. Each color in your design is carefully applied using a mesh screen and stencil to achieve a natural simplicity, so your design your personality, your corporate values and your core brand.

Digital Printing

Printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of different media and materials. Usually best for short-run or variable printing which include multiple variations of what is being printed.

Full color digital is usually limited by sheet size and and thickness.

Litho / Offset

Usually better for longer print runs or large sheet sizes for either big products or if you are printing many items up on a sheet. Also, generally litho or offset printing usually accomodtes thicker stocks.  So in general litho allows for more flexibility interms of stocks.

Litho printing requires a plate, whereas digital prints go directly from file to machine, so each copy is printed and collated at once.  Generally litho takes longer to setup but runs faster.

One last distinction is between full color litho and digital is that while the gap is getting smaller, litho provides better registration (image printed in the same spot every time) compared to digital.

Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping adds shimmer and texture to highlight specific text or images. Gold, silver, and other metallic colors can be used, as well as clear, pigment, metalic and holographic foils.

The Pacific Northwest's Premier Trade Finisher

We understand the care and effort that went into design and printing, and are dedicated to absolute precision in finishing services.

From modern, high-speed platen, traveling head and flat bed die cutting equipment to old school letterpress, our master craftsmen and women take pride in every detail.

Whether you’re looking for short, ‘prototype’ runs or production a scale of millions of units, Guided brings deep technical expertise, attention to detail and world-class customer care to your project.


Wide format and digital. Small runs of 50 to large run of millions of units.

  • Die Cutting
  • Kiss Cutting
  • Scoring
  • Perforation
  • Foil Stamping

Folding and Glueing

High speed automated folder glueing for large items such as display boxes to small HABA eyeliner boxes.

  • 4-corner
  • 6-corner
  • Tip-ons
  • Kleenstick
  • Auto-bottom


Wide format lamination services including sheet to:

  • Sheet and multi-sheet
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Magents
  • Foam board



Other Capabilities

  • Hand gluing and finishing
  • Inserts, custom wrapping, wafer seals, bagging
  • Cartoning
  • Multi-component assembly
  • Complex kitting
  • One-to-one fulfillment
  • e-fulfillment
  • Label, magnet, security tag application 
  • Shrink wrapping, shrink sleeving, clear film
  • Window and patching
  • Palletizing

Use Cases

  • Media kits 
  • Marketing and sample kits
  • Promotional items
  • Point of sale
  • Mailer
  • Software
  • Healthcare enrollment materials
  • Training and instructional
  • Game sets
  • Music
  • Health and beaty
  • Giveaways or gift with purchase orders

From Napkin to Production

If you can dream it we normally can build it if involve paper, chipboard or cardboard.

As a fully integrated print and packaging company we have inhouse computer aided design (CAD) and design that will take your print or packaging idea from concept through to prototype and into production. In many cases this starts with a business discussion but it always involves our design team working with our manufacturing experts to confirm feasibility and to maximize effiiency.

There is nothing worse then spending cycles on the perfect idea when physics gets in the way of it being even possible. As a fully integrated team we are able to avoid that.


  • Packaging Design
  • Structural Design and CAD
  • Engineering and Reverse Engineering
  • Materials Selection
  • Nesting and Optimization
  • Rapid Protytyping
  • Inhouse Tool Making



Not finding what you are looking for as a standard product and want to talk about a custom job?

Let us know what you are trying to get done. In the message include a description of size, material, print type, quantity, links to similar items you may have bound on the internet, etc.