Partner Discount Program

 Guided Partner Program 


Guided loves to support organizations that are doing good work for our communities. We would love to be able to make donations to every worthy organization that makes a request, but unfortunately that is just not sustainable.

Instead we have created a discount program so non-profits, educators, government agencies and churches can make purchases knowing they got a great value as well as making a great choice for the environment!

If you think you qualify for a 15% savings on all Guided-brand products please:

  1. Create an online account at Guided
  2. Give us a shout at or via the little chat window at the bottom of this screen.
  3. Shoot us a message with your organizations info, email address and hopefully a website we can quickly validate.

    If it's not obvious what your organization does based on your email please point us to a place where we can read about your good works online.

    If you're active on social media we'd love to hear from you there as well!



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