ReBadge Biodegradable Badge Holders (125 Units)

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The ReBadge name badge holders are an ideal alternative to the plastic name badges typically required at conferences and retreats. 

This clear biodegradable bio-polymer film is made with an additive called EcoPure, which is proven to accelerate the degradation of the material. Rest assured that it will hold up great during your event, and attendees can be proud to show off their credentials with these eco-friendly ID badge holders. 

ReBadge name badge holders are conversation starters, these name badges are perfect for trade shows, events or employees who work in a secure building.

Note: Kits are available with clips or pins, and brown kraft cards come in printer-friendly perforated letter size sheets.


You can customize the ReBadge eco badge holders with Guided’s recycled cardstock nametag badges and your choice of safety pins or claw clips. The printable 8.5" x 11" sheet of heavyweight cardstock is perforated with 6 name cards per page. The 4" x 3" square badge tucks safely inside the clear view pocket of the ReBadge holder. Use Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator ReBadge templates to customize your compostable name badge holders using the recycled perforated cardstock. Name card sheets are also available separately.


Contents per Case: 125 ReBadge holders
Optional: Name cards, pins or clips

Badge Cardstock:

  • (21) 8.5" x 11" perforated sheet
  • Weight: 13pt / 285 gsm Chipboard (equivalent to 105 lb. cardstock)
  • Name Tag Size: 4" x 3" with 6 name badges per page
  • Cardstock Materials: 100% recycled 13-point bending chipboard made from 85% post-consumer and 15% post-industrial recycled materials
  • Compatible with most laser or inkjet printers (check your printer manual).


Note: Due to the variety of recycled content, the shade of the natural Brown Kraft color may vary.


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