Recycled Notebooks 8" x 10"

$ 4.99

Recycled Notebooks 8" x 10"

$ 4.99

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The 8" x 10" ReWrite recycled notebooks are a perfect substitute for the traditional composition book.  

With a refreshed design, this eco notebook features rounded corners, improved binding, and perforated pages, making it a versatile and sustainable choice for both the boardroom and the classroom.  

ReWrite recycled notebooks are the original green notebook and Made in America.


The ReWrite 8" x 10" recycled notebooks are also available in custom printed notebooks, or customize it yourself with Guided labels.


  • Now sold by the each
  • 48-page (24-sheets), lined, blank, graph or dot-grid paper
  • Page Size: 8" W x 10" L
  • Perforated pages
  • Perfect bound binding method
  • Paper Materials: 100% recycled paper with 30% post-consumer recycled fibers
  • Cover Materials: 18-point bending chipboard made from 85% post-consumer and 15% post-industrial recycled materials
  • Note: Due to the variety of recycled content, the shade of the natural Brown Kraft color may vary.
  • Back covers imprinted or debossed with Guided branding
  • Product may or may not come in retail packaging

Customer Reviews

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Fast shipping but arrived in plastic wrap

I really enjoy the option to select, lined, graphed, or dotted pages. These journals have the exact aesthetic I was looking for—no plastic or metal spiral and a plain paper cover. I would prefer a notebook with more pages especially for the price, preferably three times as many pages as these. Be sure to read the description. Also I was disappointed that they arrived in plastic wrap and not a green alternative. I might purchase again if the packaging is changed.

Hi Jackie - thanks for the review. So you must have inadvertently received a set that was for big box :-( . They require the shrink - but the shrink itself is recyclable :-) . It terms of the page count we have gone back and forth on this but to keep prices down (considering they are made here in the US, unlike other notebook manufacturers), that was a trade off we made knowing most people that use our journals never get to the end of the books. You obviously an exception :-) . Anyway, thanks again for the review.
Simple but useful!

My title says it all. I use these unlined booklets for notes at work. I number them and keep them along with records in our CRM program and archived messages in the cloud. I need to feeling of writing my to do list for the days and checking things off. Maybe it is my age (74).

Recycled notebooks

Look just like pictures. Glad I ordered from you.

Not what they used to be

I've been using these journals with my students for over 5 years. The journals have always head up to heavy use but this year something has changed. It's only the first few days of schools and pages are falling out of every student's journal. In fact, one of my students turned to the back of her notebook today and EVERY page came out and pulled from the cover. There seems to be a change in the way they are made and the quality is just not the same. It's going to be a long, frustrating school year using these books!


I have been using these for years in undergrad and law school! Great quality and the perfect size for my notes - not too bulky, but with plenty of room to write.